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The driving philosophy behind Synergy Dental is Patient-Centered Dentistry. Unlike conventional factory-style dentistry, which pushes as many patients through the office as possible, compromising the quality of care and the amount of time a patient is able to spend with the doctor, we take as much time as necessary to provide everything you need during your visit.

Dr. Ulm allows plenty of time in each appointment to thoroughly explain your diagnosis and your treatment options, and to ensure you are comfortable during procedures. He is often complemented on his pain-free injections, and his calm, reassuring presence makes him the ideal dentist for anxious, nervous, or phobic patients.

Our practice is state of the art in every way, and we have done everything possible to ensure that our office doesn’t feel like a dental office. Our space is comfortable and inviting, and designed to make you feel at home when you visit.

Green Dentistry:  Learn about our commitment to the environment and our community.

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